water light graffiti

Published : 08/30/2012 12:37:00
Categories : Inspiration

This past few weeks, we can admire and try in Poitiers a LED wall lighting up on contact with water. This project is called "Water light graffiti" was created by Antonin Furnace resident designer at Artlab Digitalarti.

When water touches the edges of a LED, it creates an electrical bridge that allows current to flow and provides power to the LED and lights up. This allows us to draw and tag the wall.

Visitors were able to discover and test the wall by throwing water on it, using water guns or cups. And even the touch of sweaty hands can illuminate the wall. We can draw endlessly because that graffiti wall is ephemeral and can be used as many times as we want.

 Water Light Graffiti

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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