Join the Opian Affiliate Program

Affiliates are considered an important part of Opian’s development and influence throughout the world of sewing. We would love to have you with us to share the clothes and accessories made with our sewing patterns by earning money with your blog, website and social media posts.


Who is the program for?
  • You like to sew
  • You have an affinity with the Opian style
  • You like to share your makes and favourites with the world of sewing


What is affiliation?

Affiliation is a program started by a brand/business that allows affiliates to earn a commission on the sales of their products. By sharing their favourites, tips and makes with their audience on a website and social networks, you, as an affiliate, can earn a percentage of each sale you help to make.


What are the advantages?
  • No registration fees
  • Gain up to 10%
  • Monthly payment
  • Cookies valid for 30 days


How it works?

The affiliate integrates a tracked link to Opian with photo or text on their blog, site or social medias

The potential customer clicks on the link and is redirected to the Opian website

The customer purchases an Opian item via the Opian website

The affiliate receives a commission on each sale thanks to cookies valid for 30 days after the initial click.


How to join the program?

You must be registered on the Awin platform in order to become affiliates, or publishers under Awin's terms. Then you must apply to join the Opian program (n° 21074) by clicking on "register and apply to the program" on the left. You will have access to the various visuals and links that you can share on your blogs, websites or social networks.