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Published : 12/07/2014 13:59:00
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Ancient Egypt, with pharaohs, papyrus and Cleopatra, has always inspired fashion and movie worlds. Here are a few pictures from differents movies inspired by Ancient Egypt.

 Monica Bellucci dans

Monica Bellucci in "Astérix et Obélix: Mission Cléopâtre"

 Katy Perry dans

Katy Perry in "Dark Horse" 2013

 Elizabeth Taylor dans

Elizabeth Taylor in "Cleopatra" 1963

 "L'Egyptien" 1954

"The egyptian" 1954

 Viven Leigh dans

Viven Leigh dans "Caesar and Cleopatra" 1945

"La terre des Pharaons"1955

"Land of the Pharaohs"1955

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