User guide of a PDF sewing pattern

In order to open and read the digital pattern, you need to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat.


Sustainable use of a digital pattern

The digital pattern is more ecological than a paper pattern if you follow these rules:

  • Print only the pattern board. Instructions can be easily read on a computer, tablet or phone
  • Print on draft paper. You do not have to use new sheets if you put away the used paper you do not need
  • Use recycled or FSC paper with a fine grammage
  • Print the page with the test square first to check if the settings are correct
  • Print only the necessary sizes by choosing the corresponding layers, see below
  • Use the ink saving option of your printer
  • Store the digital pattern on the computer, a USB stick or an external hard drive. Storage on a Cloud needs more energy

Print a PDF sewing pattern

Click on the link of the zip file of the ordered pattern received by email.

How to print a PDF sewing pattern


Save it on your computer to have it on hand at any time.

How to print a PDF sewing pattern


Open the pattern file in French or English.

How to print a PDF sewing pattern


Select one or several sizes, keeping the "PDF" and " Informations" layers on.

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Print the pattern selecting the "actual size" option. This step is very important for the size of the pattern.

How to print a PDF sewing pattern


We advise you to print the first page of the pattern first to check if the scaling is right.

How to print a PDF sewing pattern