Sewing levels

Opian sewing patterns are modern and simple to make. They are all accompanied by clear instructions as well as detailed illustrations to help you step by step in the assembly of your garment. They will guide you to make clothes with perfect finishes and in the rules of the art. To go further in the adjustment of a pattern, you can also find information on how to modify one to fit your morphology on the Pattern Making page.

However, our patterns do not teach the basics of sewing. If you are a beginner, we advise you to start with easy little things like a cushion or our SURIMANI hat or ORTLES snood patterns.

Opian Sewing levels Level 1 Beginner

The seamstress has already used a sewing machine and is ready to start making her first clothes.

Opian Sewing levels Level 2 Intermediate

The seamstress has already sewed some clothes with different types of closure and wants to learn more.

Opian Sewing levels Level 3 Advanced

The seamstress already has a wardrobe full of handmade clothes and wants to sew more elaborate things with cut-outs or adjustments to make to fit her morphology.

Opian Sewing levels Level 4 Expert

The seamstress is a veteran, she sews for many years and can achieve what she wants no matter the technique.