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Pack 20 licenses

Pack of 20 licenses with labels in organic cotton

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  • The label to sew inside a garment created from an Opian sewing pattern is made of organic cotton and measures 6x2cm open and 3x2cm folded. The edges are cut clean and do not fray. It is machine washable without the risk of shrinking or rubbing off. You can insert it folded into a seam or cut it in half and apply it inside or outside the garment.

    You will find three license sizes, five, ten and twenty. Depending on your choice, the number of labels allows you to make the corresponding number of clothes or accessories.

    The development of a sewing pattern is a work of several months, this is why if you want to sell a model made from an Opian sewing pattern, we ask you to respect the following rules:

    • The sewing pattern of the model is not included and must be purchased in advance in the online shop
    • The clothes or accessories must be handcrafted by hand
    • An Opian label, available on the website, must be sewn into each item of clothing or accessory
    • Industrial or third-party production is prohibited
    • The sale under another brand of a garment or accessory made from an Opian sewing pattern is prohibited. That is to say that the designer with her own brand cannot use our patterns to create a collection
    • License is not required for a gift
    • Opian does not take commission on the sale of clothing or accessories made from sewing patterns
    • The price of the garment or accessory is fixed by the buyer
    • Licenses do not allow to run sewing workshops with Opian patterns. If this is the case, please contact us