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  • loincloth
    Published : 10/07/2013 10:49:00 | 2 comments | Categories : Clothes

    Latest piece from the workshop; a strapless wax dress. The wax fabric comes from Tanzania, it's a square with white and red polka dots surrounded by stripes. I placed the polka dots on the main [...]

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  • structure
    Published : 07/27/2013 14:31:00 | Categories : Clothes

    I wanted to give a structured look to a fabric destined to become the top of a dress. For that, I took a piece of fabric big enough and handstitched in order to maintain the fabric. It gives a [...]

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  • blouse
    Published : 05/16/2013 14:31:00 | Categories : Clothes

    Here is the latest blouse from Opian workshop. This is a one of a kind piece with a flower camo fabric in cotton and a brown leather piece on the shoulders. For more made to measure clothes and [...]

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  • peplum
    Published : 04/28/2013 12:30:00 | Categories : Clothes

    Last one from Opian's workshop, a peplum top! I ordered a few meters of this fabric while I was still studying fashion (a pretty long time ago!). I used it only a couple of years later to make a [...]

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  • one of a kind
    Published : 12/05/2012 17:30:00 | Categories : Clothes

    Here are the latest bespoke dresses from the workshop. They are all one of a kind, but if you are interested by one of these pieces it is possible to make it with a different fabric.

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