All the news and technical information to sew your own swimsuit are there to guide you in your sewing journey. Embarking on the creation of your first swimsuit can be a little scary, but the technical information will help you to take the plunge and will make you feel like a mermaid at the beach in your handmade bathing suit.

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  • Pilatus | Dress Hack |
    Published : 08/21/2022 21:00:22 | Categories : Inspiration , Sewing pattern , Swimwear

    Based on an idea by Maëva @bymaevabai, we offer you to transform the Pilatus swimsuit into a dress! It's always a pleasure to see the inspiration that a model can give and this transformation wi [...]

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  • Opian | Sewing kit launch |
    Published : 07/06/2022 19:15:59 | Categories : Opian , Sewing kit , Swimwear

    The Opian sewing kits have arrived, hooray! The Surimani hat and the Jamanota and Pilatus swimsuits are now available on the site for your sewing pleasure. No need to look for all the [...]

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  • Sewing tip | 9 tips to sew swimwear |
    Published : 05/21/2022 13:57:55 | Categories : Sewing Tips , Swimwear

    I often hear that sewing a swimsuit seems to be unattainable because you must have a lot of sewing experience. Rest assured this is not the case. You can very well make a bathing suit if you are [...]

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  • Säntis | Akikosmood |
    Published : 07/29/2021 10:37:31 | Categories : Sewing pattern , Swimwear

    You may have seen the first video for the Liskamm lingerie swimsuit, and today we're doing it again! I made my favourite swimsuit which is Säntis. Indeed, it is super easy to sew and its cut [...]

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  • Liskamm | Lingerie |
    Published : 06/18/2021 13:17:14 | Categories : Sewing pattern , Swimwear

    First video for Opian! I want to sew more lingerie for myself this year. Adapt some of the high street designs that are falling apart to keep the shapes that fit me, and create new ones. [...]

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  • Säntis | New sizes |
    Published : 01/30/2021 19:19:22 | Categories : Sewing pattern , Swimwear

    We continue the momentum of the expansion of the size range and it is the turn of the SÄNTIS swimsuit to offer a revival. SÄNTIS was released at the same time as the JAMANOTA swimsuit, w [...]

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  • Liskamm | Testers Versions|
    Published : 09/26/2020 17:14:30 | Categories : Inspiration , Sewing pattern , Swimwear

    Summer in the northern hemisphere is coming to an end and this is the moment that I have chosen to present the sewists' test versions of the LISKAMM swimsuit launched in July. Yes, I am always [...]

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  • Liskamm | Inspiration |
    Published : 08/17/2020 20:30:56 | Categories : Inspiration , Sewing pattern , Swimwear

    Thinking of sewing the LISKAMM swimsuit, but still not sure? Well today you will be able to explore the spirit that inspired this model. The LISKAMM bikini launched in early July, just in time [...]

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  • Jamanota | New sizes |
    Published : 08/01/2020 22:16:54 | Categories : Sewing pattern , Swimwear

    You may have noticed that Opian patterns have offered a wider range of sizes for some time. From now on, you can find one of the favorite models, the JAMANOTA swimsuit, in sizes 0 to 10 [...]

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  • Liskamm | Fabric Ideas |
    Published : 07/12/2020 12:15:15 | Categories : Sewing pattern , Swimwear

    Opian is proud to introduce you to the new swimsuit sewing pattern LISKAMM which launched a few days ago! The choice of a suitable fabric for making a swimsuit is essential. If this is not the [...]

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