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  • Sewing Tip | Zero Waste |
    Published : 11/24/2019 20:21:31 | Categories : Organic , Sewing Tips

    We have been talking about it for many months, how to reduce waste is a question that is often asked also when sewing. That's why, I will give you some ideas to recover, retrieve or reuse your [...]

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  • New Patterns | Use your fabric scraps |
    Published : 04/21/2019 17:10:31 | 1 comment | Categories : Accessories , Organic , Sewing pattern

    In this Fashion Revolution Week, I’m offering something a little special. Indeed, as seamstresses, we sink under a mountain of fabrics that we don’t know what to do with. That's why, I’ll show yo [...]

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  • Max Haavelar: Fair trade cotton project
    Published : 05/04/2012 17:04:00 | Categories : Organic

    Max Havelaar and Artisans du film just launched a short movie about fair trade cotton. The film was shot in Senegal with the first producers of the fair trade cotton project which began in 2004. [...]

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  • fabric made out of microbes
    Published : 06/01/2011 16:29:00 | Categories : Organic

    Fabric made out of microbes ? Is it possible ?! Have a look at this video which shows how to grow fabric with tea, sugar and a few bacterias by Suzanne Lee. Maybe one day we will all be wearing [...]

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