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Get Opian's sewing tips to give you ideas for hacking your favourite patterns, tips for making technical elements, but also how to organise your sewing space.

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  • Sewing Tip | Making gathers |
    Published : 10/23/2022 16:29:19 | Categories : Sewing Tips

    Gathers are a detail that often appears in clothing and even accessories. You can find them as one of the main elements on the CIVETTA blouse and more discreetly on the RIGI sweater. In short, [...]

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  • Sewing tip | 9 tips to sew swimwear |
    Published : 05/21/2022 13:57:55 | Categories : Sewing Tips , Swimwear

    I often hear that sewing a swimsuit seems to be unattainable because you must have a lot of sewing experience. Rest assured this is not the case. You can very well make a bathing suit if you are [...]

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  • Sewing Tip | French Seam |
    Published : 04/17/2022 11:17:12 | Categories : Sewing Tips

    The CIVETTA blouse was released a few days ago and, for top finishes, it includes the technique of French seams. This is why, we will have a closer look at this method more in details in this [...]

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  • Sewing Tips | 7 tips to sew a shirt collar |
    Published : 02/20/2022 09:49:13 | Categories : Sewing Tips

    The collection of sewing patterns has recently got bigger with the CIVETTA blouse which includes three different types of collars. This element is a little more advanced level of sewing, but [...]

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  • Sewing tip | Make a garment with neat finishes |
    Published : 12/12/2021 11:56:51 | 2 comments | Categories : Sewing Tips

    Are you more of a perfectionist or are you more likely to the best is the enemy of the good? What makes you validate a seam and continue with the make? Each person is free to sew the way they [...]

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  • Sewing Tip | Why modify the seam allowances |
    Published : 10/21/2021 17:45:30 | Categories : Sewing Tips

    I like to make my own sewing patterns because they are made according to my taste. However, I also sometimes sew those of other brands. I choose it because I like it and because it is a design [...]

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  • Sewing tip | Why adjust a pattern before cutting |
    Published : 08/13/2021 08:05:44 | Categories : Sewing Tips

    Many people start to sew because they cannot find clothes suitable for their body type. In order to optimize the fit, it may be a good idea to adjust a pattern before starting to cut in the [...]

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  • Sewing tip | 6 tools to sew well |
    Published : 07/20/2021 13:44:34 | Categories : Sewing Tips

    Each person has their essential tools to make sewing more practical. The haberdasheries and influencers are tempting us with all their pretty items. Some are not worth storing and others will be [...]

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  • Sewing tip | How to pick your size for a better fit |
    Published : 04/24/2021 20:11:15 | Categories : Sewing Tips

    For a fitted garment, the choice of your size according to your own measurements is an essential step! Sometimes, I get messages asking me what size to cut for an XS or 40 of ready-to-wear. I [...]

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  • Sewing Tip | Sewing for your cup size |
    Published : 03/20/2021 16:09:45 | Categories : Sewing Tips

    Today, we are looking at a particular measure which allows a blouse or a dress to be properly adjusted which is the cup. There are two measurements called a cup. The first one that we know well [...]

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