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  • History | Crakows |
    Published : 05/04/2023 08:31:24 | Categories : Costume history

    Do you know those shoes with a very pointed toe typical of the Middle Ages, the crakows? Well, they were fashionable for over 200 years! The crakows surely find their origin in Poland because [...]

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  • History | The Ruff |
    Published : 11/13/2022 19:32:53 | Categories : Costume history

    Want a discreet, light and practical accessory, why not choose the ruff like in the Little Ice Age?! Circa 1580 From the second half of the 16th century, the ruff made its appearance [...]

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  • summer turbans
    Published : 03/02/2016 15:46:32 | Categories : Accessories , Costume history

    A few days ago, I revealed the new you Opian accessories; handmade and unique turbans. Today I introduce you to the second part of the capsule collection with colourful pieces, plain fabrics or [...]

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