azalee dress

Published : 01/21/2016 10:49:37
Categories : Clothes

With snowflakes falling at the moment, we don't necessarily want to wear short dresses and low-cut. Nevertheless, here is the latest creation of the workshop, the Azalee dress.

This salmon sundress has a V-neck front… and back and a skirt with box pleats. It is made with a slightly satin fabric that reflects light without being shiny. The fabric is made from 57% recycled polyester and 43% cotton.

The Azalee dress is perfect for a special occasion like a wedding or a birthday party, but can also be worn by a beautiful summer day at the beach.

This dress is available in the online shop only in size 34. If you are interested in this model in another size or even another fabric feel free to contact us.

Salmon dress Azalee

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