Carline salmon skirt

Published : 04/14/2016 15:31:00
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I must say that without meaning to or realizing it I always end up choosing the colour salmon for clothes, and the latest creation of the sewing workshop is no exception. Here is the Carline salmon skirt!

This is a mid-length skirt with slightly pearly buttons that button on the front, an A-line shape which remains in shape due to the semi-rigidity of the fabric. The fabric is a chambray, which combines coloured with white yarns. In this case, white with orange neon that mix to give the colour salmon.

Depending on the fabric chosen, the skirt can give a very different effect or style. With suede or suedine or even raw denim, this skirt could have a very 70s touch. This model is a staple piece in your wardrobe, so if you are interested in having this A-line skirt made for you, please contact us at

In addition, pink, salmon or coral if you prefer, is part of the colour chart trend of summer 2016 by Pantone as you can see below. However, they call it "Peach Echo", a way to add some more colours in the colour chart!

Jupe Carline saumon par Opian Genève

Jupe Carline saumon par l'atelier de couture Opian

Couleur été 2016 Pantone Peach Echo

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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