Published : 11/30/2015 14:45:10
Categories : Clothes

New creation of Opian workshop!

This black dress was recently commissioned for a wedding. Not for the bride, but for a special guest. This dress is a ¾ sleeve with a V-neck at the back. And is embellished with a delicate chain at the neck. This chain can be removed with snaps on both ends. The dress can therefore be worn differently depending on the mood of the day. It is also ideal for putting the dress in the washing machine without damaging anything.

The fabric comes from Textile Acacias and it is 100% organic cotton and slightly elastic.

If you also soon have an event and would like a unique and made to measure garment, please contact us.

Robe noire en coton biologique faite par Opian à Versoix

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12/24/2015 11:32:26

Elle est magnifique !

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