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Published : 06/08/2023 10:33:12
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Two alternative and trendy swimsuits have been released recently and today we are going to see in more detail the one which is called PISOC.



PISOC is a faux two-piece consisting of a bralette and high-waisted, high-cut bottoms connected by a ring on the sides largely inspired by the 90s. This model allows you to mix and match prints at will and gives the illusion of wearing a two-piece while having the comfort of a one-piece swimsuit. Whether you have a small or larger bust, this swimsuit will easily cover it. Get ready because with PISOC the sides will be tanned this year!

One of the specificities of Opian is to make the realisation of a garment as simple as possible using the minimum of supplies. This is to limit the sourcing time, the difficulty of realisation, the ecological impact and the costs related to material. This is why all Opian swimsuits contain few notions.




Sewing a swimsuit can be a little scary at first, but once started you realise that it is not so difficult. However, the trickiest part is sewing lycra and adding elastic in some places, all of which makes things a bit slippery. In order to help you, you can baste the elements together with long hand stitches.

PISOC having no other difficulties such as closures, rings or hardwire, it is classified as level 1/4 according to Opian criteria. You can find all the indications concerning the difficulty levels in the Resources section.

In order to guide you in the making of your swimsuit and to convince you of the ease of its realisation, you can find a series of articles concerning swimsuits.



The sewing pattern must be downloaded and printed at home. It contains 10 different sizes with clear and easy instructions and illustrations to make it even easier to understand. You will also receive an A0 file to print in a copy shop. Once ordered, you will receive a ZIP file with the pattern in English and French.

Find all the material necessary for the realization of this model in the description of the article.

I hope you like PISOC and I look forward to seeing all your versions with the #OpianPisoc. And for people who don't use social medias, I invite you to send me a photo by email because it's always a pleasure to see your creations of Opian patterns.


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