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Published : 06/11/2018 19:10:13
Categories : Clothes , Inspiration , Sewing pattern

To inspire you to sew Hérens, our latest sewing pattern which is, at your choice, a bathrobe or a dressing gown, here are some pictures that will make you want to coat you with softness and cocooning.

This model can be delicate and elegant to cover fine lingerie, or comfortable and cozy to warp yourself up after a relaxing shower.

Inspiration Hérens

You can find even more inspirational images on our Pinterest page, as is the case for all our sewing patterns.

Speaking of Pinterest, we inform you that we have launched a group board in which you can post all the photos of your makes, no matter where the model comes from. The goal is to share sewing with as many people as possible. So, do not hesitate to take part by following the board, and then leave a comment here or a PM on Pinterest.

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