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Published : 07/24/2017 21:33:55
Categories : Inspiration , Sewing pattern , Swimwear

This year, the one-piece scooped swimsuit is super on trend! This is why we're showing you today a selection of bathing suits similar to SÄNTIS that we selected on Pinterest.

Simple but effective, it will make your legs two meters long (!) And you will be able to tan these marks that leave the other swimsuit.

SÄNTIS is perfect for starting sewing swimwear, it is easy to make and ideal for false beginners. You can play it sober and do it all in plain fabric for a chic version, or a colourful print for a psychedelic effect. Choosing the fabric of a swimsuit is very important, check out our previous article for more details.

Inspiration Säntis

You will find these pictures and many more on our Pinterest page.

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