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Published : 08/01/2020 22:16:54
Categories : Sewing pattern , Swimwear

You may have noticed that Opian patterns have offered a wider range of sizes for some time. From now on, you can find one of the favorite models, the JAMANOTA swimsuit, in sizes 0 to 10 according to our size chart.

JAMANOTA was released three years ago now and is one of the most popular patterns in the collection, which is why it is the first to be adapted to the new range. Plus, it's still summer which is a good time to sew a swimsuit. It’s a voluptuous and chic style that is easy to do as there are no adjustments to the bust.

Of course, it is planned to add sizes to all the other patterns in the collection in order to offer quality products to as many people as possible. However, it takes time, work and a little patience.

For people who have bought JAMANOTA and would like to receive the new version with three more sizes, you can send your request to info (@) opian.ch.


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