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Published : 06/18/2021 13:17:14
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First video for Opian!

I want to sew more lingerie for myself this year. Adapt some of the high street designs that are falling apart to keep the shapes that fit me, and create new ones. Right now, I really like non-underwired, non-foam bras. It leaves the bust lighter and less constricted. However, it is not always easy to find what suits your wants and needs. Indeed, I can see that stores do not often offer sizes that fit me. Small back circumference does not necessarily mean small cup, and the other way around, large back circumference does not necessarily mean large cup. While working in the stores, I have seen that women often do not wear the correct size bra. But at the same time, how do you know that other sizes exist when sales assistants are not trained and sizes are not available. Two or three years ago I found a new brand that offered original models with a wide range of sizes. However, the quality is poor, everything peels off and tears. That’s why I am here making homemade lingerie.

Swimsuits and underwear are part of the same family and can be interchangeable depending on the model. That's why, I chose to make the Liskamm swimsuit top as a bra.

When it comes to alterations, there are two major changes made. The first is the insertion of a visible picot elastic between the fabric and the lining, and the second is the large elastic that replaces the band around the back. All of these changes are easy to make and are done by following the steps in the Liskamm sewing pattern instructions.

To make a matching set, I also sewn the Liskamm knickers in the same fabric. As for the bra, I swapped the inner elastic with a visible picot one at the waist. The result is an elegant and comfortable set.


The fabrics used for this model come from Madalynne Intimates. The rubber bands also, and these are leftovers from the kits bought in the same place. Super handy because I didn't have to buy anything extra. You should know that it is not easy to find haberdashery for lingerie in Switzerland. Physical stores stock very few rubber bands, elastic biais, hooks and rings with different colours and sizes. And when you look on the internet, you have to order from several places to get all the elements, and often abroad. So if you have any good addresses, feel free to write them in the comments.

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