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Published : 05/15/2017 09:25:53
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Makalu can be interpreted differently whether it is a top or a dress. The top can be worn with a rather thick fabric like jacquard or denim. While the dress will be more harmonious with a lighter and fluid fabric.

Patron de couture - Corsage MakaluPatron de couture - Robe Makalu

To help you make your choice for the fabric of the Makalu dress and top, here is a selection of pretty fabrics found on the net. Please note that we have not seen or touched the fabrics, it may be worthwhile to request a sample to see if it is what you are looking for.

For fabric quantity, take a look at the Makalu description.

Tissu MakaluTissu MakaluTissu Makalu

Carkai / Jacquard Corail / Ethnic Pattern

Tissu MakaluTissu MakaluTissu Makalu

Fuwari Fuwari / Ikat Blue / Flaming'Oh corail

How about you, which fabric did you pick for Makalu ? Don't hesitate to show them to us with #OpianMakalu.

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