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Published : 04/21/2019 17:10:31
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In this Fashion Revolution Week, I’m offering something a little special. Indeed, as seamstresses, we sink under a mountain of fabrics that we don’t know what to do with. That's why, I’ll show you some zero waste ideas to make these small pieces useful. All these designs are available as a downloadable sewing pattern pack for free in the shop. So do not hesitate to spread the word to your girlfriend seamstresses, to help reduce waste.


Tambohorn saddle cover

For all those who push the ecology to travelling by bike, here is a saddle cover pattern that will allow you to sit without having the buttocks wet by the rain or dirty by pollen.

This model easily adapts to different saddle sizes and requires a waterproof fabric and elastic, the one that remains at the bottom of the drawer will be perfect.

  • Sew the 64cm elastic all around the edge


Claridenhorn sanitary pads

Menstrual products are a huge source of waste and it is often hard to change for sustainable because it’s comfortable enough to have nothing to clean. However, for those who are motivated, it’s a good option to reduce your waste and at the same time getting good us of your fabric stash.

That's why, I offer you here 3 different sizes of menstrual pads; a panty liner, a small day pad and a large day pad.

The panty liner requires 3 layers of different fabrics: towel, PUL and cotton with decorations according to your desires.

As for the pads, it requires an additional layer of towel to be inserted in between the layer against the body and the impermeable PUL.

  • Lay on top of each other the towel, rectangular towel, PUL and cotton layers and overlock the edge
  • Sew a snap button



Saashorn cat or dog bed

You want to make a cosy bed for your pet, this super easy pattern is ideal for a comfy place. As long as your pet, especially if it's a cat, is not too difficult!

  • Lay the three outer pieces A, right sides together, and sew the sides.
  • Lay piece B against the centre of the previously sewn pieces, right sides together, then sew the circle.
  • Do the same with the inner parts.
  • Put the outer piece against the inner piece, right sides together, then sew the circle leaving an opening to turn it over.

Glaserhorn overlocker tray

Who doesn’t have an overlocker and ends up with threads all over the socks?! With this tray, you won’t have any problem. A part slips directly under the machine, which allows to collect all the waste and put them directly in the bin.

  • Form the angles of each layer, right sides together, then sew at 1cm.
  • Place the two layers together, right sides together, leaving an opening, then turn right sides out and close with hand stitches.



Leckihorn flower beanie

This Leckihorn beanie is the perfect gift for a child that changes a bit of the ordinary. You can even replace the petals with two rabbit or cat ears depending on the child's favourite animal.

  • Place the petals, right sides together, then sew them at 1cm stopping at 1cm from the base and turn them right side out.
  • Place the sides of the beanie against the band, right sides together, then sew at 1cm.
  • Do the same with the lining.
  • Place the rectangles against the openings of the outer part of the beanie, right sides together, then sew a rectangle.
  • Make an opening inside this rectangle and turn the piece of fabric inside.
  • Place the outer beanie against the lining, right sides together, then sew the outline of the front.
  • Place the bias on the bottom of the hat.


Gelbhorn decorative cutlery pouch

Sewing is your first passion and interior design, the second. This decorative pouch will be perfect to make a nice table for an evening with friends or for every day.

  • Fold the top of piece B at 1.5cm and lay it on piece A, wrong side against right side, and maintain them together.
  • Lay these two pieces against the other piece A, right sides together, then sew at 1.5cm leaving an opening.
  • Turn everything over and close the opening with hand stitches.


Please note that these patterns do not contain any instructions other than what’s here, but are very simple to make. The number of pieces is written on the pattern itself. So don't hesitate and download this free sewing pattern pack.

And don’t forget to show your makes tagging @opiangeneve and #OpianGlaserhorn #OpianSaashorn #OpianTambohorn #OpianClaridenhorn #OpianLeckihorn #OpianGelbhorn

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Bonjour de bonnes idees, je recherche une idee de poubelle a suspendre entre mes machines....

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