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Published : 08/03/2022 19:53:20
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Opian sewing patterns are 6 years old!

It has now been 6 years since the first Opian sewing patterns were released. It goes quickly and it seems distant at the same time. Every year on this date, I wonder if I have reached my expectations. I give myself light goals that are easy to achieve, because I always have a job that takes up a lot of my time and that overlaps with the Opian one. The development of patterns and the creation of various complementary products are slower than other brands who can devote themselves 100% to their company. To be honest, it doesn't allow me to promote the brand properly. Which is a shame because it also hinders growth and, in the end, Opian is not very well known and the patterns are not the references when someone asks for an idea for a garment. I am especially thinking of the Vaulion trousers, the Andolla dress and the Civetta blouse. These are very elaborate models that are worth a look, but have yet to find their audience. This is why I want to work on marketing this year in order to promote all these patterns who deserve to be known.
On the positive side, this year marks the launch of sewing kits and it is a celebration! Indeed, I’ve been wanting to offer this type of product for a long time and return to physical products. Digital products are a definite advantage, they can be sold endlessly and can travel free of shipping costs which is great. I'm happy every time someone from Australia, the UK or Canada buys one of my patterns, and it reinforces my idea of ​​translating everything I do into English. However, it is a pleasure to see that someone 2 kilometres away knows and supports Opian. In addition, the kits will also allow me to present them in my region during markets or events, and thus meet local people. Moreover, if you are in French-speaking Switzerland and you know and like markets or stores that organise events, do not hesitate to reply to this email with the information.
Initially, I wanted to allow people to create their own clothes to have a handmade garderobe that matches their personality. It was also with the aim of democratising sewing and returning to this know-how that was lost along the way. Today, this desire is still present and I look forward to offering you other models as soon as possible. And, confidential announcement, it will undoubtedly be swimsuits. Allowing people to go deeper into the discovery of sewing and knowing that Pilatus or Jamanota are often the first swimsuit for many people is a huge pleasure. And it's the icing on the cake when someone sends me a personal message to tell me that they dare to wear a swimsuit again after several years.
To celebrate this anniversary and thank you for your support and loyalty, I am offering you two different discounts.
The first allows you to receive a free PDF sewing pattern with the purchase of a sewing kit. Enter code OPIAN6KIT at checkout.
The second discount gives you a 50% discount on all PDF sewing patterns. Enter code 6OPIAN6 at checkout.
Careful, this offer is only valid today August 5th (a long day to cover all time zones).
And if you want, you can even benefit from the two different discounts. You just have to order twice separately, because for unknown reasons the system does not want to take into account two different coupons.
I thank you for your loyalty and for reading the newsletters, the blog and the posts for weeks or years, and invite you to take advantage of this exclusive offer by visiting the online shop.

Happy sewing,

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