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Published : 11/21/2021 14:37:04
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I am ready to launch the next Opian sewing pattern and for that I am looking for testers. And this time, we reach another stage of development of this micro-entreprise and I change things a bit in the testing process. I let you discover all of this below and I hope you will be motivated to discover the Civetta blouse.


The testing process

Until now, the tests have always been the same at Opian. That is, once the pattern and instructions are ready, a call is made to find volunteers to test the model. The garment is presented with the technical drawings before applying to find out if it is something that will be appreciated and worn by the person. Indeed, the goal is for the garment to be loved, because it is not worth it if it stays in the closet after the test.

People are chosen according to size, level of sewing, availability, willingness and background in sewing. Indeed, after working for months on a project, sending a test product is valuable and sensitive. Being sure that the person is benevolent and sews is important. Yes, it happens that some people apply when they are not interested or have only sewn a cushion once before.

Communication is done via email and is individual. Indeed, I have always preferred to keep personal information such as emails, Facebook accounts or simply the fact of participating in a test discreet. It seems to me that this is something important, but on the other hand, making a group in which everyone talks to each other could be uniting. I've thought about it often, so I'd be interested to hear from you.

During the test, I am available for questions and I take note of important remarks which will lead to clear modifications. Less important remarks are set aside and resumed when all tests are completed.

Over time, I have heard comments about the testing process and the consideration, or rather the lack of consideration to the information given to brands by testers, and the use of photos only for marketing. At Opian, this step is an integral part of the process and the comments are studied one by one. Obviously, it happens that certain suggestions of texts, modifications of the garment or even of layout are not validated. The reasons for this are different but include, among others, the preferences of the greatest number or the alignment of the visual identity of the brand. In addition, photos are mandatory for the feedback of the test but not for marketing. However, it is a pleasure to be able to share and to see the testers enthusiastically sharing their newly made clothing.

There are many benefits to participating in a sewing test, such as learning new sewing techniques, trying on a new style, trying out a type of garment never made before, enjoying a free pattern and even gaining visibility on social medias with new content. Some people do this because they like to help small businesses.

During these last years, I have been fortunate to be able to count on volunteers who took pleasure in testing my patterns. I thank them very much for their precious help which gave me to possibility to bring Opian to this point.


The changes

I am the only one working for Opian and I have a full-time job, so unfortunately I don't have much time to devote to this activity. Without forgetting that everything must be done twice. Indeed, each pattern, page of the site, newsletter, blog post must be written in French and then translated into English by me. Side note: the patterns are double checked, but not the rest as it would be way too much. So I apologise for all the errors. However, I want to make Opian evolve towards a sustainable future and develop the brand.

When I discovered this craze for home sewing and the independent designer brands that flourished seven or eight years ago, I integrated the testing process that already existed when the first patterns were launched. Despite the fact that I never liked having to ask for help, paying twenty people was not an option. Therefore, I decided to seek volunteers for the tests as it was done and is still done. As questionable as it is, many people have benefited from this method by taking advantage of the notoriety of being part of a small group of privileged people with access to the sewing patterns first and thus gain visibility on social medias. It also helped highlight the world of home sewing and allowed major brands to create paid partnerships with these same people. It would not have been possible without the dedication of these many people, so thanks to all testers of the world!

Until now, taking part in an Opian test granted to receive the pattern of the model once finished as well as an additional pattern from the collection. From now on, if all the conditions are met, i.e. the feedback on the pattern as well as the fit photos, the remuneration will be CHF 50.- (./. Transaction costs and exchange rate) per test regardless of the type of clothing.

I'm aware that this amount does not cover all the work provided, I still hope that this change will bring more interest to Opian and create paid opportunities in the world of sewing. Moreover, if the growth of Opian continues upwards, it will be possible to increase this amount in the future.

What continues as before; a team will be made up of people of different sewing levels, sizes, locations and languages ​​(English and French) in order to cover as many people as possible. The garment must be made according to the instructions in order to ensure the correct understanding of the booklet. A detailed report as well as fit photos must be returned within approximately three weeks.

Once the sewing pattern is launched, testers can share their make on social networks. It is up to you, but it's always appreciated. In addition, a blog post is dedicated to the clothes of the testers who have chosen to share some style photos.

The benefits for Opian are:

- See the garment on several different bodies

- Ensure that the indications are correct and understandable

- Make sure each size of the pattern has all the information

The benefits for testers:

- Try new sewing techniques

- Get paid to sew

- Receive the final pattern for free

- Receive an additional pattern from the collection for free

- Helping a small business


The test

If you are still here after this massive text, you are certainly interested in participating in the next test and I thank you.

I am therefore looking for several meticulous, passionate, motivated and available people to test the Civetta blouse. It is a model that offers three different collars / necklines, sleeve types and lengths. The deadline for returning the feedback is 19th December.

Please note that there could be a lot of application and I cannot answer all of them. On the other hand, there are a lot of people with the same size applying and I'm looking to cover the 11 different ones in the size range.

In order to receive your application, please fill out this form. Thank you in advance and look forward to working with you!

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03/30/2023 12:54:06

Bonjour, j'ai rempli le formulaire. Ca fait des années que je veux me coudre un maillot et que je ne passe pas à l'action... Un champ libre pour commenter aurait été chouette : j'ai mis non pour le partage des photos finales parce que pour un maillot de bain, je veux voir la photo avant de donner mon accord ^^ mais je ne suis pas forcément opposée. Et pour la taille, je ne rentrais pas vraiment dans le tableau, j'était entre 1 et 2, mon tour de taille ne matchait pas du tout :-D


11/21/2021 16:45:55

Hello Elisa, Thanks for your interest in Opian. You can fill out the form here to apply: https://forms.gle/i14omkzpiFki9Xj96 Chloé

Elisa Nickum

11/21/2021 16:20:41

I would enjoy testing for you! I have been a tester for other pattern companies before, and I take a lot of care in the responsibility. I will make sure all the pattern pieces for my size are drafted appropriately ("walking" the seams, etc.) and will go over the instructions and illustrations carefully. My measurements are b:92cm, w:75cm, h:101cm. I am 178cm tall.

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