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Published : 11/17/2015 11:16:56
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Winter is coming and cold as well!

The snoods Opian are now available at Mon Joli Trésor, ready-to-wear for woman boutique in Versoix. The shop is located at Rue des Boucheries, right on the town square.

The Opian tube scarves are one of a kind or made in two or three copies. So you are not likely to come across someone with the same! You can wear them with your everyday outfit and it will liven it up and give it a personal touch. The patterns are all different; green stripes, blue plaid, leopard or with sequins. Some are lambswool, others cashmere or even mixed polyester.

The fabrics used for these scarves come from excess recovered new fabrics, in order to ensure minimal waste by using what would have been discarded.

And for those who are already looking for a Christmas gift, a scarf is ideal! No need to know the size, and we always need one more scarf!

You can also find some snoods in the online store. And if you don't find the model you like, contact me and I will gladly offer you other options for fabric.

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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