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Published : 07/06/2022 19:15:59
Categories : Opian , Sewing kit , Swimwear

The Opian sewing kits have arrived, hooray! The Surimani hat and the Jamanota and Pilatus swimsuits are now available on the site for your sewing pleasure.

No need to look for all the materials needed to sew a swimsuit or a hat, you will find everything in the Opian boxes.


I wanted to offer sewing kits for accessories and swimwear for a long time. Today, I am happy to introduce you the most popular patterns from the collection in a kit.

The fabrics have been carefully curated and come from deadstocks of local brands. The quantities are therefore limited, some fabrics are only in one copy for Surimani. For swimwear, in order to control stock and not oversell an item (if only it could!), quantities are entered at a minimum and will be added over time to not waste fabric. So if you think you missed the item of your choice, do not hesitate to come back a few moments later.

The e-shop is now open!

I hope this project will meet its audience and I will be happy to renew it and create new models of swimsuits for next year. So do not hesitate to express your wishes or proposals.

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