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Published : 05/21/2024 14:11:53
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A look back at the genesis between sewing and me. What made me want to sew? Probably the costumes my mother made for me as a child, without any patterns.

So here is a little presentation of what I wore to Escalade (Geneva celebration), parties or vacations. And I’m taking my sister with me in this moment of nostalgia.

My favourite on the list is the cockroach. I’m hopeful that my nephew will wear it this year!

Indeed, we often walked around in folk costume in Zermatt and tourists took photos of us. I think we are in several albums around the world as if it were our usual outfit!

And yes, I was disguised as a rubbish bin. And I even won the best disguise competition thanks to that! On the other hand, I wasn’t able to participate in the competition as an astronaut because it was « purchased and not handmade » according to the organiser. Today, I don’t see many hand-sewn costumes anymore and that’s a shame.

Over time, I started helping, then I made them myself, and eventually I stopped dressing up a long time ago. I prefer to make clothes that are more wearable and not just for one occasion.

And you, do you sew/have you sewn your disguises or costumes?

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