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Published : 10/23/2022 16:29:19
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Gathers are a detail that often appears in clothing and even accessories. You can find them as one of the main elements on the CIVETTA blouse and more discreetly on the RIGI sweater.

In short, it is a technique which consists in reducing the length of a piece of fabric by frowning it so that it is assembled with another piece. To help you achieve harmonious gathers, here is an article with lots of tips.


Use a different coloured thread for the gathered thread

Gathering threads are temporary, so it might be a good idea to use a different colour. This allows you to easily spot them and not to confuse them with the sewing threads when removing them.

This is also an opportunity to use the ends of spools lying around.

Divide the parts

To gather a large part, such as the entire waist of a skirt, it is advisable to make two sets of gathered yarn. This prevents over-pulling and breaking the threads. Sew the first set of threads on the front and the second set on the back, finishing the first and starting the second without leaving any space, otherwise it may make a small flat part with no gathers.


In order to check if you like the volume of the gathers, you can baste the pieces together and see how it looks. If everything is fine, you can sew directly on or slightly next to the basting stitches.

Use a long stitch

To make beautiful gathers easily, set the sewing machine to a long point between 3.5 and 4.5 to facilitate the movement of the fabric when making the gathers. In addition, it allows you to remove the gathered threads more quickly.

Reduce presser foot pressure

If your machine allows it, you can reduce the presser foot pressure. By doing this, it will avoid squishing the gathers when passing over it.

Keep the gathers visible

The gathered piece of fabric must be on top in order to control and distribute the gathers nicely and fairly when sewing.

Make two rows of threads

In order to distribute the excess gathers nicely, it is recommended to make two gathers of gathers around the seam line. Opian patterns include a seam allowance of 1.5cm in general.

Take it easy

Keep an eye on the gathers when sewing, move forward by section and readjust the excess with your fingers.

Avoid seam allowance

Do not gather the seam allowance, it must remain flat. To do this, start the gathered threads 1 or 1.5cm from the edge depending on the seam allowance.

Reinforce the gathers

If the gathered piece is very heavy, it may be a good idea to make a second seam right on the first. This will secure the gathers and give extra support to the seam.

Iron in moderation

To keep a nice volume, the gathers can't be ironed. So be careful to iron the open seam without squishing them. In addition, when ironing the gathered piece, do not go over the folds.

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