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Published : 02/15/2020 21:05:27
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Making your own clothes allows you to better know your body and its shapes, but above all it allows you to adapt them to your own morphology.

Some people even start sewing because they can’t find clothes suited to their morphology. This short explanatory guide will guide you to choose the cuts that will be best suited to your own body.

To define your body shape, stand in front of a mirror and analyse the proportions of your body. Are your shoulders, waist and hips the same width? Is your size marked? Is your bust more developed than your hips? You can even take your measurements to make it easier. More information on how to take measurement is available in the Resources section.

The A or Pear type

Narrow shoulders and bust, small breast and wide hips.

What to wear:

  • a belted dress
  • a top with puff sleeves
  • a skater skirt
  • straight jeans
  • fluid trousers
  • a balconette swimsuit

What to avoid:

  • a bubble dress
  • a top too long
  • a low waisted skirt
  • skinny jeans
  • wide trousers
  • a high waisted shorty

The V or Inverted Triangle type

Wide shoulders and narrow hips.

What to wear:

  • an A-line dress
  • a long shirt
  • a draped skirt
  • bootcut trousers
  • jeans with flap pockets
  • a triangle cup bikini

What to avoid:

  • a turtle neck dress
  • a thin strap top
  • shoulder pads
  • a bolero
  • a straight mini skirt
  • tight trousers
  • a bandeau

The X or Neat Hourglass

The shoulders and hips are aligned and the waist is marked for a slim look.

What to wear:

  • a bustier dress
  • a high waisted skirt
  • boyfriend jeans
  • carrot trousers
  • a peplum top
  • a fitted blouse
  • a trikini

What to avoid:

  • a shift dress
  • a low waisted skirt
  • bootcut jeans
  • a square neckline

The 8 or Full Hourglass

Same features as X, but with more shapes.

What to wear:

  • a sheath dress
  • a fitted top
  • a midi skirt
  • slim jeans
  • high waisted trousers
  • a backless swimsuit

What to avoid:

  • a tent dress
  • a turtle neck
  • a low waisted skirt
  • very wide trousers

The H or Rectangle type

Shoulders, waist and hips are aligned.

What to wear:

  • a wrap dress
  • empire shape
  • layering
  • a bubble skirt
  • an overall
  • dart trousers
  • a bikini

What to avoid:

  • a shift dress
  • a bustier
  • a tight skirt
  • high waisted trousers
  • a square neckline

The O or Apple type

Waist is wider than the shoulders and the waist which are themselves aligned.

What to wear:

  • a swing dress
  • a straight vest
  • a draped top
  • a gathered skirt
  • flare or straight jeans
  • chinos
  • a low cut one piece swimsuit

What to avoid:

  • a dress with puff sleeves
  • a crop top
  • layering
  • a pleated skirt
  • low waist trousers
  • a tight swimsuit

It isn’t always easy to define our own morphology, that is why you can ask a friend or a colleague what she thinks.

And don’t forget, this is just a guide, the most important is to wear what we like and make us feel good!

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