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Published : 02/09/2024 14:20:04
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In order to make the garment as precise as possible, it is important to include the indications such as the darts, the size, the armhole fittings… To do this, there are several methods that you will discover in this article.

How to transfer indications to the fabric


The first method you learn in sewing is to baste. It takes a long time, but it gives excellent results. I basted kilometres at school by reporting absolutely all the information and notches. However, with time and practice, you quickly stop reporting everything.

Roulette and carbon paper

It is a practical, fast and precise. However, carbon paper leaves permanent marks on the fabric. It should therefore be used only on the wrong side of the fabric. In addition, the spades of the roulette wheel can be very sharp and damage fine fabrics. You must therefore be careful.

Marker pen

The marker pen ink is erased by the heat of the iron. It is therefore handy for marking darts and other notches. However, you must do a test on each fabric before you start, as it can be misleading and leave traces.


Chalk is a classic tool for dressmakers. It is handy because it is easily erased. But you have to sharpen it often, otherwise you risk a lack of precision.

Pencil chalk

It has the same properties as chalk, but provides more precision thanks to its tip.


Snipping is my method of choice. It is the easiest and fastest to do, plus it is precise. However, some fabrics fray very quickly, so this should be avoided. In addition, if the seam allowances are narrow, you should be careful not to cut into the garment. I do not recommend this method for clothes made with 1cm seam allowance.

And you, what is your favourite method to transfer informations to the fabric?

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