Published : 01/17/2015 15:00:00
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Brand new and beautiful! The snood is new at Opian.

These tube scarves are all handmade with new fabric from surplus. Some snoods are cashmere, other lambswool or polyester blend. Given the small amount of available fabric, snoods are unique models or produced in limited edition of two or three copies. They are then exclusive and you will not meet someone else with the same as you!

The snoods are worn like a necklace, but it keeps you warm. It can be worn with her outfit everyday, which will end your outfit.

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Snood cashmere print by Opian Geneva

Snood cashmere print

Leaopard fur snood

Leopard fur snood

Cashmere grey snood made by Opian Geneva

Cashmere grey snood

Beige cashmere snood

Beige cashmere snood

Blue snood

Blue snood

Sequin snood

Sequin snood

Blue checked snood

Blue checked snood

Green snood

Green mohair snood

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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