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Published : 03/17/2017 11:00:43
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Today we will see another way to make the Ortles snood.

This pattern was created to use one fabric only, but if you are feeling in a creative mood, here is a tutorial to hack this pattern by having a different fabric on each side.

After downloading and printing the pattern, assemble it as explained in the instructions.

Snood Ortles hack

Next, draw a line across the middle of the pattern from the short side to the centre front.

Snood Ortles hack

Cut out this line, then assemble the two centre fronts together.

Snood Ortles hack

Snood Ortles hack

After joining the two pieces together, add 1cm of seam allowances to the longest side.

Cut the piece twice.

Snood Ortles hack

You can see the version of the Ortles snood of 3 petits points with Liberty fabric on one side and faux fur on the other.

This model is super easy to make, just like this tutorial. It is therefore perfectly suitable for a first project.

And even if spring is soon there, you can very well add Ortles to your outfit, just use a lightweight fabric.

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