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Published : 09/08/2016 09:48:54
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After presenting you in more details the ALVERNIAPOLLUX and CEMETTE sewing patterns, here are different versions made by the testers. All these models were created during the development of the sewing patterns before their launch. This will give you a broader idea of the versatility of designs and help you to get inspired!

It is a real pleasure to see the models which took me months to develop, made ​​by others with fabrics and colours of their choice, giving a new life to what I had initially imagined.

I wanted to thank all the testers who have given me their support during the pattern development process - many thanks for your trust in this new project!

Robe Alvernia - Lise

Lise's version of Alvernia, from the blog mllecarnot @mllecarnot

Corsage Pollux - Anne-Charlotte

Anne-Charlotte's version of Pollux, from the blog lebazardannecharlotte @lebazardannecharlotte

Corsage Pollux - Audrey

Audrey's version of Pollux, from the blog audreyslagniappes @audreychiara

Robe Alvernia - Léa

Léa's version of Alvernia @filalea

Jupe Cemette - Natalia

Natalia's version of Cemette, Pinterest natchoum

Corsage Pollux - Laurence

Laurence's version of Pollux, from the blog poppysew @poppysew

Jupe Cemette - Clara

Clara's version of Cemette, @clara.mre

Corsage Pollux - Verna

Verna's version of Pollux, from the blog bullesetperles

Robe Alvernia - Aurélie

Aurélie's version of Alvernia, from the blog 7embre @7embre_ig

And you, which one do you like best?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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