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Published : 03/03/2017 11:42:35
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After showing you in more detail the latest patterns that include the MAKALU dress and top, the ORTLES snood and the SURIMANI turban, here's a quick look at the versions of the testers. It is always easier to take inspiration for a new sewing project after having seen several versions of the same model with different fabrics and sizes.

You can see more pictures on our page Pinterest.

Thank you again very much to all the testers who kindly took part in this project.

If you would like to be part of the testers, you can write to us mentioning your size and your sewing level.

Robe Makalu par L'atelier d'Alicia

Makalu Dress by Alicia of l'Atelier d'Alicia

Turban Surimani by Verna

Surimani Turban by Verna of Bulles & Perles

Robe Makalu par Laurence

Makalu Dress by Laurence of PoppySew

Turban Surimani par Anne-Charlotte

Surimani Turban by Anne-Charlotte of Le Bazar d'Anne-Charlotte

Snood Ortles par Florence

Ortles Snood by Florence of 3 petits points etc

Snood Ortles par Audrey

Ortles Snood by Audrey of Audrey's Lagniappes

Robe Makalu par Anabelle

Makalu Dress by Anabelle

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