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Published : 07/02/2018 22:00:58
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Today, we are talking fabrics and more precisely which fabric to choose for Hérens as a bathrobe or as a dressing gown.

Patron de couture - Peignoir et Robe_de_Chambre_Hérens

For the prototype of the bathrobe, the fabric used is a sky blue honeycomb made of 100% cotton which has been kindly supplied by Vanina from the boutique Je Suis A Croquer. If you have other desires than blue, it also exists in pink, ecru and white.

Speaking of the bathrobe, here is a selection of compatible fabrics for toweling when leaving the bath. Please note that we have not seen or touched the fabrics, it may be worthwhile to request a sample to see if it is what you are looking for.

Tissus Hérens - Tissu éponge jacquard Bento Tissu Hérens - vert limonade uni - OekotexTISSU PIQUE DE COTON HOT CHOCOLATE

Jacquard / Limonade Öko-Tex / Piqué de coton

You can also line it as Laurence did. She used a printed cotton toile as a shell and terry cloth on the inside for more comfort. The construction is the same, but pay attention to the width of the bias which will be narrower because of the thickness.

Patron de couture indé - Peignoir et robe de chambre Hérens

Moving on to fabrics to sew Hérens. In order to use it as a dressing gown, it is necessary to use a fluid and light fabric.

Tissu Hérens _ Tissu satin Butterflies and flowers tissu Hérens - Satin de soie imprimé floraleTissu Hérens - Mousseline impression jungle rouge

Floral / Fleur rose / Jungle rouge

You can pick a plain or patterned fabric like Christine did. Her very elegant version is reminiscent of a kimono.

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