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Published : 06/27/2020 21:38:42
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Get sewing!

A year after the last release of a sewing pattern, here is finally a new model and it's a bikini named LISKAMM!

This swimsuit has been in preparation for over two years now. Indeed, the pattern had been ready on paper for a long time, but the rest had to be done. That is to say, digitise it, grade it, write the instructions and all the controls that go with it, and then translate everything into English. Given the nature of the garment, it is essential to coordinate the launch with the season and I have missed the boat a bit these last two summers. But 2020 is its time!

Some people may even have recognised the model and the location of the photo shoot as those of the Pilatus swimsuit. Indeed, these photos are already two years old! I would also like to thank Maruška, who is a student and does modeling in her spare time and who, in addition is a former colleague, for having kindly participated in this project. And I take this opportunity to thank my friends and my sister who also kindly lent their image to Opian. And contrary to popular belief that we can see and imagine with Instagram, it is not easy to find someone who agrees to have their photo taken for internet and social networks, especially wearing a swimsuit. So if you're around and interested, don't hesitate to let me know.

In addition, I asked myself a lot of questions about whether the shape of the swimsuit would please and if it was going to be worn. Despite all these doubts, I appreciate it very much and seeing it now finally in the wild makes me very happy.

We now come to the description of the model. Indeed, LISKAMM is a two-piece swimsuit and consists of a bra without underwire and low-cut knickers with or without gathers with an 80's vibe. It’s available in the extended size range which goes from 0 to 10 according to the Opian size chart.

Besides, when Jamanota and Säntis went out, I had prepared posts to find suppliessew a swimsuit and take care of a swimsuit. You can always take a look at it to guide you through all the stages of making.

And stay tuned for the next article, as it will detail the elements and technicality of LISKAMM.

LISKAMM, the pop bikini



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