All of our ready-to-wear clothing and sewing patterns are detailed in the various articles in this section. You can find technical information, photo inspiration and makes by our testers. Clothing and clothing sewing patterns are available in our online store.

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  • Vaulion | Inspiration |
    Published : 07/15/2019 10:23:25 | Categories : Clothes , Inspiration , Sewing pattern

    Are you tempted to sew our latest pattern of VAULION trousers, but you need a little inspiration? Well today, we are going to talk about ideas for this latest sewing pattern. The VAULION t [...]

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  • Vaulion | Fabric ideas |
    Published : 07/13/2019 13:21:14 | Categories : Clothes , Inspiration , Sewing pattern

    VAULION has been out for a few days already. You may have noticed that it includes a trousers version and a shorts version, just in time for this summer. The recommended fabrics for [...]

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  • Vaulion | Focus |
    Published : 06/24/2019 10:20:53 | Categories : Clothes , Sewing pattern

    You may have seen our new sewing pattern released this week, the VAULION trousers and shorts. Today, we will dwell a little more on the details of this new garment. Model VAULION is a [...]

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  • Vaulion | Introduction |
    Published : 06/18/2019 19:08:53 | Categories : Clothes , Sewing pattern

    Get sewing! A shape of the past for a modern look, that's how we could describe the latest Opian sewing pattern. This new model is called VAULION and is a pair of trousers, the first of the [...]

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  • Andolla | Fabric ideas |
    Published : 12/19/2018 21:21:23 | Categories : Clothes , Sewing pattern

    We are back for another round of fabric ideas! The possibilities of fabrics are almost endless with our new ANDOLLA sewing pattern! The only recommendation is to select a fabric with a certain [...]

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  • Andolla | Inspiration |
    Published : 12/12/2018 11:13:23 | Categories : Clothes , Inspiration , Sewing pattern

    With sleeves or without, the ANDOLLA dress will be your ally all year long! I've selected some photos of the Inspiration | Andolla | board from our Pinterest page to give you ideas to m [...]

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  • Andolla | Focus |
    Published : 12/03/2018 19:07:04 | Categories : Clothes , Sewing pattern

    Get ready for the festive season with ANDOLLA! A few days ago, the latest Opian sewing pattern came out, you may have already seen our new dress ANDOLLA. Today, we will take a closer look at [...]

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  • Andolla | Introduction |
    Published : 11/27/2018 19:50:56 | Categories : Clothes , Sewing pattern

    Get Sewing! Elegant and festive are the words that perfectly define the new Opian sewing pattern! I am pleased to introduce you to the latest model added to the collection, the dress named [...]

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  • Fabric | Akikosmood |
    Published : 10/30/2018 20:36:08 | Categories : Clothes , Inspiration , Sewing pattern

    We're sewing in Switzerland too! Indeed, I had the opportunity to meet several times Benedicte of Akikosmood, who lives a few kilometres away from here. Benedicte is a textile designer and has [...]

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  • Hérens | Fabric Ideas|
    Published : 07/02/2018 22:00:58 | Categories : Clothes , Inspiration , Sewing pattern

    Today, we are talking fabrics and more precisely which fabric to choose for Hérens as a bathrobe or as a dressing gown. For the prototype of the bathrobe, the fabric used is a sky blue h [...]

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